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  • Logan Madsen


I've decided to delete the Instagram app., but I am keeping my account active so I don't completely disappear. The main reason is to reduce my anxiety; which has always kept me to myself my entire life. COVID has permanently left me(and the world) reeling with fears about the future. Politics has made me feel unsafe about being an openly functional disabled person, on social media. This is on all of us for the inability to empathize with each others' suffering. Disability is not a left or right issue. Suffering has no sides. I will keep myself going to leave a positive difference in the lives of the people that want it. I promise, I won't give up! Please be kind and remember we are all living a life worth value. Not having our needs met is what we all have in common.

We will have to see if I continue this blog... I think it's the most effective way for me to help. Making art is my life, but it is not my purpose.