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Logan's Syndrome Documentary

Award-Winning Documentary LOGAN'S SYNDROME Poster from Carmel Film Festival 2017 Artist Logan Madsen & Paintings SHOP LMFA




Logan Madsen is one in a billion. Literally. Shot over five years, Logan’s Syndrome delves into the life of an extraordinary artist. Both he and sister, Heather, share a life-threatening lung disease and Miller syndrome—a rare genetic disorder affecting fewer than thirty people in the world. Despite malformed arms and hands, Logan paints hyper-realistic pictures boldly depicting his body and his struggles with autism. When a local gallery commits to exhibiting the audacious paintings, Logan is challenged to finish each piece before the show’s opening. As he paints, the story of his unique life unfolds—from the breakup of his "perfect" Mormon family, to his eternal search for romantic love, and his struggle to come to terms with his conditions. Through the unwavering devotion of his mother, Debbie, and support from Heather, Logan is able to rise above his disabilities in pursuit of becoming a great artist.

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