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Greeting Cards

The collection of images used for my greeting cards are reproductions from three of my original art collections,  my Flower Art, my Nature Art, PALM, and my Holiday Art, MISTLETOE. Seventeen of my flower varieties are divided into four groups, making up four variety packages of blank greeting cards. In three of the variety flower art packages, you will find five different blank cards w/envelopes. The fourth flower art package contains two different varieties of flowers, three PEACE LILY and three ANTHURIUM blank cards w/envelopes. The fifth package contains five blank PALM cards w/envelopes, and the sixth package contains five-Holiday Art MISTLETOE cards, with the holiday greeting, "Happy Holidays," inside, w envelopes.


On the back of the card is my photo, a short bio, and information about each painting used for each image on the card.

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